Casual Leasing

Bulleen Plaza offers casual leasing of kiosk spaces throughout the centre. The main locations for casual leasing are in front of Coles Supermarket, in front of CBA Bank, and at the top of the ramp. All bookings and locations are subject to availability. Total cost must be paid up front. Proof of payment and a copy of public liability insurance must be provided to Centre Management for bookings to be confirmed.


79-109 Manningham Road
Bulleen, 3105                                                    PO Box 68 Bulleen Vic 3105

CENTRE MANAGEMENT OFFICE:                  Caterina Mazzacca

Service & Enquires: email:[email protected]

Promotions & Operations: email:[email protected]

Tel: (03) 9852 0011
Fax: (03) 9852 0158